Our Services

  • Spare Parts for aircraft use

    QAQ provides a bridge between Buyer and Vendor to quickly contact activities. The Buyer will not have to contact several vendors on deferent communication channels. All what you need is single RFQ and you will get offers to your satisfaction.

  • Spare Parts for GSE

    The service is extended to any Ground Operation supports. Therefore, the need is not less when it comes to the GSE. So the process is made to be as high as the Aircraft Parts.

  • Aircraft VIP Charter

    QAQ allows any registered Buyer to request a Charter Flight. All what you need is to fill the required fields made easy for you and sit back waiting for the replies.

  • Aircraft Cargo Charter

    We work for all kinds of Aviation services once needed. Cargo can also be requested via QAQ and the reply should be at your satisfaction.

  • Aircraft Fuel Services

    Any time anywhere, you can ask for re-Fuel for your aircraft and QAQ will take care of letting the Fuel Vendors know what is your need. Please fill the required fields and the process will go on.

  • Aircraft Ground Handlingt

    You can arrange the Ground Handling at most of the Airports especially the General Aviation market. Please request and you will get the required service. All at your fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions

- No, any person needs to sign up, the process must be via a Company (Buyer/Vendor) assigned Amin.

No, all the RFQ process will be via the site till the offer is selected. Then, once the Vendor is ready to ship the items or ready to provide the service after payment confirmation, both parties can be presented.

you can pay
a) Credit Card
b) wire transfer

Once the Buyer accepts the parts/service, the system will generate an invoice against the vendor and the amount will be transferred accordingly.

it shall be treated under the Vendor sales policy. QAQ is unable to accommodate all Vendors sales polices.